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Arno was born in The Netherlands and grew up in Canada where he received a degree in Computer Science from The University of Calgary. 
His almost 30 year career in Information Technologies has encompassed a wide range of industries including oil and gas, law enforcement and emergency services, a public utility, a number of internet startups, e-commerce and internet payments.
His primary career focus has always been around data, database administration, and database architecture in the enterprise.  He has extensive knowledge of relational databases, NoSQL data stores and graph databases. In the past six years with the advent of larger data sets, an interest in HPC and technical computing came about as a result of finding solutions to solving real time data analytics across distributed systems at web scale.
This blend of HPC and enterprise archictures has peaked the interest of many in the HPC community, allowing Arno to speak both domestically and internationally on the HPC work he’s done and how he sees future integration of HPC in the enterprise.
Arno and Ryan won the prestiguous IDC HPC Innovation Award at Super Computing 2012 and 2014  The award was presented for their work in blending enterprise and HPC architectures for fraud detection and utilizing DSPs for real time streaming analytics.  They have hosted Birds of a Feather sessions  at both SC and ISC on a variety of HPC and enterprise topics.
Arno was also the recipient of the Alan El Faye HPC  Inspiration Award at the 2016 Enterprise HPC Award banquet.
He currently holds a seat on the HPC User Forum Steering Committee, the Enterprise HPC and Leverage Big Data Advisory Board and the HPE Vertica Client Advisory Board. The latter is HPE’s Enterprise Big Data Analytics platform which is a highly scalable distributed columnar store database.
In his spare time, Arno has many hobbies, including philately.  He is a member of the Royal Philatelic Society Of London, The Collector’s Club Of New York and San Francisco and The American Philatelic Society.  His other interests include music, both recorded and live, watching films and art.
Location: San Francisco, CA